Glen's 1946 Ercoupe

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Last modified: 28 July 2013

The Wright Patrol (sometimes wrong)


Last weekend we got to put a couple of coats of Poly Spray on one side of our parts. Big difference.

\We're working on covering right now and it's going reasonably well. We're learning a lot and having some fun. I think Glen's having more fun than I am though.

Somebody asked me and yes, we really did go to Colorado and shoot a couple of elk for our seat and cockpit coaming. We figure the seat and coaming ran us about $10k.

I apologize for some of the lack of organization you're going to find on this site. Sometimes I just can't figure out where things should be.

We got distracted again. Both of us wanted a Whizzer when we were kids, and since we more or less still are kids, we built one! The engine kit came off the internet and the bike from WalMart. Granted it isn't a genuine Whizzer, but it's close enough for us. We've been having a great time riding around the neighborhood.

After Dawn Patrol we got an awesome youtube video from our buddy Doug. Click here to have a look. If you have a fast connection, it's best viewed in 720p
Here's a little bit of info on FLYING THE NIEUPORT that Glen shared with a buddy. Since the question has come up a bunch of times, we figured we'd just stick it on the website. Modified 13 January 2012

In the beginning there was the RUDDER KIT. Robert Baslee, the kit designer, suggests the rudder kit as an introduction to building, It's a pretty good idea. If you can't build the rudder, you'd probably be better off not trying to build an airplane. This section covers the rudder and fuselage. If you'd like to see how this worked out, click here Modified 14 September 2012

Once we were done with the basics it was time to put it on the GEAR. add a FIREWALL, ETC. Modified: 25 December, 2011

Ekevator and Horizontal Stabilizer  13 September, 2007

We were finally on a roll again, so you should look at the PITCH, YAW, and COCKPITpage Modified: 22 January 2012

Instrument Panel Last modified: 17 March 2012

At the end of February, 2007, the wing and cabane kits arrived. Here's the CENTER WING SECTION. Last modified: 25 August, 2007

Once the center section was done, we needed OUTER WINGSLast modified: 14 February 2012

SYSTEMS! We get to start installing the things that make all the rest of the airplane work 20 May 2012

FIREWALL FORWARD! We've decided on an EA 81 Subaru. This fine little 1.8 liter engine turns the proper direction, unlike VW engines and weighs in pretty close. It also is more reliable (our opinion) and revs a lot higher. Last modified: 16 January 2013

Engine Run! Actually, it's also the final rigging of the wings since we moved them forward as well. 22 September 2012
Brakes! Actually, Brakes, Axle Centering, and Anti-Rotation Modified 22 January 2012
SUBWING. The last major structural element before we can start covering. BTW, this turned out to not be true. We had to move the wing forward. Modified 2 February2012
Installing DZUS FASTENERS Modified 2 February 2012
Covering!! 28 July2013
Finishing touches. Here are some things that don't fit elsewhere but really are final tweaks to some areas. 16 June 2013
Nav LIGHTS and ELECTRICAL 17 April 2013

We got a little sidetracked, but we need GUNS! Modified 6 September 2007

Jan, our Mad Scientist, has been working on the OXY/PROPANE GUTS FOR THE GUNS. He's finished a Lewis for the N-11 and is working on the Spandaus. Last Modified: 31 December 2011

Every now and then we have DISTRACTIONS This is where you go to see all the other goofy stuff we get into, like Glen and Rick's road trip from California. 17 April 2013
We've got an awesome SHOP. We had a great time building it with our buddy Tony before he wussed out and went to California Last Modified: 25 January, 2011
We've got a lot of TOOLS. Some we started with, some we've acquired. We like tools!

We got a lot of inspiration from the KANSAS CITY DAWN PATROL. In fact, after starting this project Glen bought a NIEUPORT 11. It's Rick's now though. Modified: 6 December, 2007

Our Mad Scientist builds a motorcycle! 29 December, 2007

Lessons learned

Guys, we've earned a lot of brain damage. This section in dedicated to passing on whatever we can to save you grief. Some of these things are what we learned the hard way, and some are things we heard about. This page will always be growing.  Modified: 6 June, 2012

Reference Material Modified 11 October 2012

Friends and Squadron Members! Modified 14 September 2012

DAVE ALDOUS has been good enough about sending updates that we decided that he needed a direct link fron the home page.
Baron von Fikus (related to the plant) with a momento of his first Nieuport kill. Unfortunately, he was flying it at the time.
Glen the Terrorist
Glen's 1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile 11September, 2007
The ERCOUPE! Modified 25 January 2011


12 October, 2012

Gwen Beale's beautiful DVIII


26 September, 2007

FOR SALE Nothing right now, but if you've got something you'd like to list, drop us a line.
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